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Wayne's World Fireworks, LLC

2019 Business Hours

Spring & Summer Hours:  Tue-Sat (9:00 - 5:00) Sun (10:00 - 2:00) CLOSED Mondays

Fall & Winter Hours (Oct26-Feb29):  Tue-Fri (9:00 - 5:00) CLOSED Sat-Sun-Mon

Wayne’s World Fireworks, LLC is a direct importer and distributor of wholesale Professional Grade Class B (1.3G) and Consumer Class C (1.4G) fireworks and equipment.  We are family-owned and operate with a small staff of dedicated employees that are like family.  We have worked with them to grow the business to what it is today.  While some of our business practices have changed over the years to meet the demands of a busier and more regulated trade, our goal remains the same.  We are dedicated to providing quality service with the best prices, while retaining our family-business tradition that is difficult to find these days.  We take great pride in providing quality fireworks with exquisite effects which our customers count on time and time again!  Our facility is located in Bowling Green, Indiana.  We believe fireworks are an efficient and effective way to entertain large groups of patrons or private family events for ALL occasions to include graduations, birthdays, and special parties. As an experienced and expanding company, we have the ability to meet your current and future needs at reasonable prices.

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